Tramps Like Us holds the distinction as being selected by The NFL over all other Springsteen tribute bands to perform at 2 major events surrounding Super Bowl XLVIII in New Jersey.

Tramps Like Us performs the halftime show at Super Bowl Media Day at a sold-out Prudential Center in Newark, NJ in front of 15,000 people and on live TV around the world on The NFL Network.

Tramps Like Us performs in front of Met Life Stadium on Super Bowl Sunday in NFL Plaza for the "Official Super Bowl Tailgate Party" in front of over 25,000 fans.


"If you can't get to see Bruce Springsteen at Met Life Stadium, well we have the next best thing right here with us... Tramps Like Us!" - Fox 5 TV - Good Day NY

Tramps Like Us once again, has been selected as The #1 Springsteen Tribute Band, this time by Fox TV as Tramps was selected to perform on the morning TV show Good Day NY viewed by millions. Hosts Rosanna Scotto and Dave Price feature what they call the next best thing The Boss...

"Tramps Like Us is The GREATEST Bruce Springsteen Tribute Band In The LAND! I've witnessed them on several occasions and their performances are SECOND TO NONE !"
Mike Appel
Former Springsteen Producer & Manager
Mike Appel's web site HERE

In a worldwide hunt to find the best tribute bands on the planet, the national publication "Music & Musicians" has selected Tramps Like Us, of all other Springsteen tribute bands as the #1 Springsteen Tribute Band In World...

“It’s our pleasure to introduce you to the world’s foremost tribute acts...”


"If you're a big Bruce fan,
you've probably seen tribute bands...

and the BEST of them all is TRAMPS LIKE US"
E Street Radio/Sirius Radio

"What a thrill it was to have Bruce Springsteen perform here with us tonight! Well it might not of looked exactly like Bruce, but it sure did sound exactly like him! Lets hear it for Tramps Like Us!"
- Kevin Cronin - lead vocalist & guitarist for REO Speedwagon - 8/16/12 — at Provident Bank Park, NY

"Up close, Mark Salore doesn't look much like Bruce Springsteen. Except, perhaps, for the stud in his left ear and a wispy bit of beard. But an astonishing transformation takes place, though, when he gets onstage with his tribute band, Tramps Like Us. He punches out the opening riff to "Cadillac Ranch," the group kicks in behind him, the crowd erupts in war cries and air guitar riffs, and it suddenly seems as if Bruce and the E Street Band have commandeered the Vintage Bar in White Plains."
- by Peter Gerstenzang
- Writer - NY Times / Rolling Stone Magazine

"Scott Shannon from The Big Show / WPLJ 95.5 gives a shout out to Tramps Like Us after attending a recent concert.

"Springsteen tribute band wows soldout SRO crowd at Showcase Live in Foxboro, MA"
FOXBORO, MA - How would you like to see a Bruce Springsteen tribute band and not hear “Born in the USA?” Or “Tunnel of Love?” Or “The Rising?”
You would if you were at Showcase Live on Friday night. Tramps Like Us, a 20-year-old Springsteen tribute band out of New York, treated a stand-room-only crowd of mostly graying baby boomers to a re-creation of The Boss’ most critically-acclaimed concert: a Sept. 19, 1978 show at the Capitol Theatre in Passaic, N.J."


The event was broadcast live on television by Westchester's News 12 and was covered by all of thew New York's major media outlets.

By special request of The County Executive of Westchester New York - Andy Spano, and in conjunction with NY Senator Hillary Clinton's office, Tramps Like Us was selected to perform at the dedication of a 9/11 memorial called "The Rising"

Tramps Like Us is a group of seasoned, professional musicians with a repertoire of more than 100 tunes from the Bruce Springsteen songbook. Formed in 1990, Tramps Like Us doesn’t just sound like the Boss – they are the next best thing to the Boss himself. They capture the classic Springsteen sound and remain true to the spirit and energy of the music. Tramps Like Us deliver strong, convincing, road-tested performances with exceptional talent. - Article can be seen HERE

Elizabeth Vicentelli from NY Newsday writes in a featured article on the band- "You would have to be completely allergic to Springsteen to not be won over by the rambunctious atmosphere. Even this reporter, usually impervious to the 'E' Street band's particular brand of magic, started humming along. Tramps Like Us brought Springsteen back to a human scale"
Article can be seen HERE

MTV''s "A Week In Rock" Program does a special segment on tribute bands and features Tramps Like Us.
Video can be seen HERE

“If you didn’t know it and you looked up... you would think it would be Bruce.”
- Chris “Mad Dog” Russo
After recently attending a Tramps Like Us Concert, long time Springsteen fan and radio & TV personality Chris "Mad Dog" Russo , reviews the band on "The Mike and The Mad Dog" Radio and TV show.
- Chris “Mad Dog” Russo / Mad Dog Radio - Sirius XM - YES TV Network & WFAN, NY
Video can be seen HERE

DJ Matt Zako from the "The Fox" 95.9, CT's #1 classic rock station commentary after attending a recent Tramps concert. Broadcast live on The Fox.
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"The #1 Springsteen Tribute Band In The Land" - Matt Zako

Most tribute bands boast that they look and act like the bands they cover, and there are more than a few Bruce Springsteen tribute bands that do just that. But for Tramps Like Us, paying tribute to the Boss and the "E" Street Band has nothing to do with appearances - it's all about the music. Luckily for modern-day Springsteen fans, Tramps Like Us captures some of that magic and energy in its own performances.
- By Jess Kamen / - The Philadelphia Inquirer

No look alike's, impersonators, costumes or gimmicks here... Just a remarkable musical tribute to Springsteen & his "E" Street Band. Great musicianship and a great sound. I've seen several Springsteen tribute bands over the years, all of which seem to focus more on looking, and acting like Springsteen and his band, rather than performing the music as Springsteen and his band would. This is the best sounding Springsteen tribute band of the bunch. If you're a Springsteen fan, like myself, go check out Tramps Like Us... you won't be disappointed.
- Scott Hirsch / Director of Development - VH-1

"Simply put, the best Springsteen cover band! For tribute bands, this is as good as it gets. If you like Springsteen, you'll love Tramps Like Us. Don’t miss this band if you have a chance to see them.

- Nick Light / Sony Records
- Springsteen's parent record company
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